Light toner 60mle (TRAVEL SIZE)

A cocktail of skin softening and non-AHA skin renewing vegetal extracts and distillates to boost cellular turnover by way of skin rejuvenation to stave away skin dullness and roughness.

Rich in cellular macro and micronutrients from skin nurturing plants such as Red Date and Goji Berry, Light Toner revives the skin for an energized complexion.


  • formulated with plant extracts that contain renewing signals to prompt skin into regeneration without the use of hydroxy acids
  • packed with nutrients to ignite complete cellular turnover, as cell division actions require sufficient nutrition
  • filters remaining skin impurities while balances skin’s pH to optimize the absorption of the next products in line
  • boosts skin hydration with deeply moisturizing and suppleness inducing-effect
  • free of skin irritating denatured alcohol
  • comprehensive skin purifying, renewing, and hydro-boosting 

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