Just Toner 150 mle

Just Toner triggers an intensive, fast, and effective calming action to soothe sensitive, redness-prone, and dehydrated skin.

Enriched with a rare and precious compound, Bisabolol (extracted from select plants), Just Toner balances pH of the skin to reach an optimally healthy level. It also delivers a hydra and energizing boost using a concoction of Hyaluronic Acid and Mineral Infusion, with the added benefit of instilling a refreshing and harmonizing mood by way of natural Neroli hydrate.


Toner is the most neglected step of a skincare routine. After cleansing, no matter how gentle your cleanser is, the skin’s natural pH is disrupted and must be resumed to a healthy level to prevent dehydration and keep harmful bacterial growth at bay.


  • promotes healthy skin and optimizes effects of next products in line
  • tones, balances, and deeply hydrates the skin
  • can be used as a toner or hydrating mist to instantly induce skin suppleness
  • filters remaining skin impurities
  • free of skin irritating denatured alcohol
  • calms the skin through synergizing effects of gentle and soothing herbs

Active Ingredients:
Plant-based Bisabolol, USDA Certified Organic Neroli Extract, Mineral Infusion.

Detail Ingredient and Uses:
[Bisabolol]: a precious substance that exists in small amounts in plants. Harnesses the power to condition, calm, and restore suppleness to easily irritated, delicate, and sensitive-prone skin. An ingredient categorized as safe by the CIR Expert Panel, it also enhances the penetration of other ingredients and next products in line to maximize product efficacy.


Ingredient Safety: all ingredients in Just Toner has scored a 1 on safety from the Environmental Working Group’s cosmetic database, as we strive to innovate skin care that brings delightful results with wellness and efficacy go hand in hand.

Other than blending with 1 part cleanser for milder cleansing.

Before you hit the gym: blend 1 part Just Toner with 1 pump moisturizer, and layer on sunblock while skin is still moist

After sun care: mix 1 part Just Toner with Aqua Infusion Gel Masks and leave on for 15-20 minutes to cool, calm, and heal the skin

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