Toner 50 mle (TRAVEL SIZE)


Toner – Deep Toner, Light Toner, Just Toner

  • toners are actually the most neglected step in a person’s skincare routine
  • 1. Don’t’ understand its importance 2. Rather spend the budget on serums
  • we don’t blame them – because “balancing the skin’s pH” is a very abstract concept; after cleansing the skin products with surfactants often leave the skin at a higher pH than it should, and therefore toners function to balance the pH so our skin’s barrier won’t be impaired; impaired barrier function = skin dehydration and sensitivity 
  • Skin Need’s toners are formulated with multiple functions one of them is til filter remaining impurities in case cleansers can’t remove
  • Deep Toner is designed to help unclog pores by removing dead skin cells to promote skin rejuvenation and improve acne; it contains AHA (sugarcane and grapeseed to remove dead skin cells) BHA (willow bark to clear pores) Acetic Acid (Vinegar to brighten the skin) Lactic Acid (moisturizes the skin) it’s also enhanced with USDA certified organic willow bark extract to calm the skin 
  • Light Toner designed for those who has dull skin and slow turnover but are also dry and a bit sensitive prone to use Deep Toner 
  • helps with rejuvenating and brightening while providing macronutrients 
  • What isnatural plant derivative probiotic to promote skin turnover and accelerate its growth without subjecting the skin to using acids that can be too harsh for them 
  • infused with Goji Berry and Red Date extract rich in anti-oxidants and nutrients to renew the skin; some clients who are pregnant and breastfeeding may be concerned about Red Dates (due to studies from Traditional Chinese medicine) but in western literature there is no indication, and concern in TCM ifs only when red dates are being consumedg
  • Just Toner is designed for clients who do not want any exfoliating effects from their toner, and want to opt for something calming, gentle, and hydrating
  • infused with bisabolol the substance responsible for the calming effects of plants known for their calming properties such as chamomile, calendula…etc, and possess the skin calming power of multiple times of those plant extracts
  • bisabolol inhibits the enzyme that is responsible for skin inflammation and thereby reducing redness and swelling of skin

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