Cleanser 50 mle (TRAVEL SIZE)

Cleanser – Deep Cleanser & Light Cleanser

  • add as less stabilizers, emulsifiers, thickeners, or other chemical additives that provide no functional value to the skin
  • replaced them with more active ingredients such as skin purifying plant extracts to gentle cleanse the skin and refreshes the mood
  • cleansers are SLS and SLES-free, and therefore are non-irritating, suitable to inbe used by all skin types, including delicate skin or skin after invasive procedures
  • infused with high purity/quality essential oils to provide extra benefits (Deep: verbena and lemongrass to refresh, kill bacteria, and calm inflammationLight: neroli and sweet orange so other cleansing it also helps to bring anti-oxidizing effect) 
  • just because it’s so light doesn’t mean that it doesn’t clean effectively – the rich foam produced by the dispenser increases surface area of product to skin by at least 10 folds of usual hand lathered product; when more product comes into contact with skin, it simply means it can provide much thorough yet non-irritating cleansing

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