100% Squalane Botanic Derived + Super Low Molecular Weight 30mle

100% concentration and derived from hand-picked, organically grown olives

Skin Need 100% Squalane is a raw material grade and top quality serum that harnesses powerful anti-oxidizing, lightweight moisturizing, and skin calming benefits, to enliven stressed skin, infuse radiance and youthfulness, as well as nurture resilient skin. It is a universal blendable to be freely mixed into serums, moisturizers, sunscreens, and foundations for a richer texture and smoother finish.


  • formulated for all skin types
  • top quality and raw material grade Squalane derived from hand-picked Kalamata Olives to offer extremely potent anti-oxidizing effects
  • nourishing but exceptionally lightweight, and non-comedogenic - setting itself apart from other plant-based oils to provide featherless moisturization for all skin types, including oil-prone skin
  • the natural skin barrier is composed of 15% fatty acids includingSqualane; merges naturally with skin’s protective barrier to fortify and calm sensitive- prone skin
  • Squalane is so gentle and hypo-allergenic - it has been used as a medium to transfer topical medication to skin cancer patients

100% Olive Derived Squalane.

Even though squalane is a naturally nourishing oil, it has the rare and unique property of being extremely lightweight and fast penetrative when compared to other plant-based oils. It is non-comedogenic, does not have an oily free when applied, is odorless, antibacterial, and safe for sensitive skin. Besides its emollient action, it is also used in treating skin disorders such as seborrheic dermatitis, acne, psoriasis, or atopic dermatitis.

Mixology: Dry-proof your skin: Add 2 drops serum into your moisturizer and blend well on serum plate; smother richly onto skin in an upward circular motion and allow to fully absorb

For a massage that melts your stress: Add 2-3 drops into your mask and blend well; smother onto face and massage in an upward circular motion, beginning from the neck, chin, cheeks, and forehead. Leave on for an additional 10 minutes before wiping off with damp cotton followed by moisturizer and sunblock during the day.

For a deeply nourishing overnight mask: Add 2-3 drops into your mask and blend well; smother onto face, place a towel on your pillow and leave on for overnight. Say good morning to dewy skin the next day!



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