Placenta cream base Nutrient-rich Light Moisturizer 50mle

A delicate and comforting salve infused with nutrient-rich plant placenta extract isolated from Wheat Proteins and Rice Germ, offering lightweight yet revitalizing and moisturizing effects by way of natural Vitamin E and fatty acids. Also infused with highly anti-oxidizing Sugar Beet Molasses and Olive Extract, Placenta Cream Base prevents free radical damage of skin structures, guarding the skin for better health and resiliency.

-for all skin types, especially comforts normal to dry skin
-daily anti-oxidizing protector to preserve youthful and healthy skin -conditions skin to become softer by providing deep yet lightweight moisturizing effects
-hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic, allows foundation and concealers to layer on the skin while still providing a comfortable and lightweight sheer representative of supple and well-nourished skin
-a light and comfortable formula that can be freely blended with Perfection series to modify and attain ideal rheology

Active Ingredients:
Sugar Beet Molasses, Wheat Proteins, Rice Germ Oil, Turnera Diffusa Extract, Bulgarian Rose Hydrosol, Olive Extract, Grapeseed Oil, Beta Glucan, Rose Essential Oil.

Detail Ingredient and Uses:
[Sugar Beet Molasses]: rich in natural saccharides that hydrate and condition the skin; smoothen and soften skin texture of the skin associated with dryness and sensitivity
[Vitamin B5]: a natural humectant and anti-inflammatory agent to hydrate and balance the skin while calming redness
[Wheat Proteins]: enriches the skin with phyto-nutrients to promote cellular renewal and health skin regeneration
[Olive Oil]: contains a wealth of polyphenols, squalane, fatty acids and triglycerides to nourish, moisturize, smoothen the skin while providing anti-oxidizing effects
[Grapeseed Oil]: with anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and anti-oxidizing properties brought about by the rich fatty acids and vitamin E contained in grapeseed oil
[Beta Glucan]: a substance in the GAGs family to boost skin immunity and hydration
[Bulgarian Rose Hydroso]l: deeply hydrates and refreshes the skin while boosting skin immunity
[Sodium Hyaluronate]: a naturally occurring hydrophilic substance natural to the skin; hydrates the skin, provides suppleness, and instantly tightens skin
[TurneraDiffusa Extract]: retexturizes the skin by smoothening and softening the stratum corneum layer; moisturizes the skin and diminishes the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
[Magnolia Essential Oil]: calms worry, and tension as well as feelings of stress

Humid-proof your skin:
Add 2 drops serum into your moisturizer and blend well on serum plate; smother onto skin in an upward circular motion and allow to fully absorb

Dry-proof your skin:
Add 2 drops serum into your moisturizer and blend well on serum plate; smother onto skin in an upward circular motion and allow to fully absorb.

Additional product information:
Ingredient Safety:
all ingredients in Placenta Cream Base has scored a
1 on safety from the Environmental Working Group’s cosmetic database, as we strive to innovate skin care that brings delightful results with wellness and efficacy go hand in hand.

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