Light Cleanser Auto-foaming Skin Purifier 150 mle

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Expiry Date: December 2024

Pampering & gentle foaming cleanser to calm, purify, and brighten dull, dry, and sensitive-prone skin.

A concoction of revitalizing and anti- oxidizing ingredients to enliven dull and distressed skin, this gentle formula tenderly removes skin impurities while preserving the skin’s natural critical oils for maximum comfort. Also infused with Neroli and Sweet Orange Essential Oils, Light Cleanser inspires a harmonious and peaceful state of mind during use.


  • auto-foaming dispenser to maximize skin contact to provide optimal cleansing
  • SLS, SLES, and detergent-free natural cleanser that dislodges skin impurities
  • clarifies and purifies the skin without stripping away critical oils and delivers comfortable sensation after cleansing
  • refreshingly splashes away skin debris and dullness leaving skin pristine and revived

Active Ingredients:
Rosehip Seed Oil, Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Kumquat Extract, Evening Primrose Extract, Neroli Essential Oil, Sweet Orange Essential Oil.

Ingredient Safety: all ingredients in Light Cleanser has scored a 1 on safety from the Environmental Working Group’s cosmetic database, as we strive to innovate skin care that brings delightful results with wellness and efficacy go hand in hand.

For sensitive, irritated, and dry skin, such as after invasive treatment procedures or under harsh weather, mix 1 part Light Cleanser with 1 part Just Toner for comfortable and non-drying cleansing.

For dry, dull, and congestion-prone skin, use Light Toner after cleansing with Light Cleanser.

Additional product information:
Cleanser Fact: Light Cleanser, albeit naturally derived and formulated to be gentle, is a cleansing product and has the potential to be irritating if not used properly. From cleansing to rinsing, it is recommended that product to skin contact be reduced to less than 30 seconds.

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